Firm Overview

Law Office of Arthur A. Benson II
4006 Central
Kansas City, MO 64111

Telephone: (816) 531-6565

The Law Office of Arthur A. Benson II is a small, civil trial practice firm which limits its practice to representation of plaintiffs in matters of constitutional, civil rights, legal malpractice, and business law. Our clients are primarily individuals or non-profit organizations who cannot afford to pay attorneys fees. Virtually all our work is done on a contingency fee basis. In some cases clients in contingency fee matters may be responsible for paying costs or expenses.

Our cases range from class action institutional reform issues, such as the Kansas City school desegregation litigation, to helping individuals obtain relief for deprivations they have suffered. Many of our cases are high-profile. Others have effects state-wide and beyond. Our work involves administrative hearings, state and federal trial courts, numerous appeals, and, occasionally, work in the United States Supreme Court.

Over the years we have established important new law involving school desegregation, employment discrimination, race relations, attorneys fees and legal malpractice, with our cases widely cited by courts in Missouri and around the nation. Our practice is tightly focused on philosophically principled areas which lawyers in this firm support as appropriate for expanding liberty and equality for those who most need the assistance our judicial system can provide. We like to think that we offer a high degree of legal expertise to those who can least afford it.

Some cases that best represent our practice are:

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